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Build existing autoconf C project to include in smart contract

I'd like to include GNU's GMP library in my smart contract project. It's an autotools/autoconf project, how can I compile it as a standalone webassembly library and then include it in my smart ...
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Tutorial on how to connect a website login to logging in with Scatter Desktop?

I have a website with the ability to login with your username / password. But I want to create a way to login with Scatter Desktop. Are there any tutorials on how one can go about doing this? My ...
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How to add current date and time in the table so we know when a game score was logged?

For a gaming leaderboard. players will be able to compete with each other through a leaderboard. When a new score is added, it is inserted in to a table that is scoped to the game Each game is ...
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Regex validation on smart contracts

Is is possible to use regex validation in a smart contract?
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