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Difference Between Eosio.token and Eosio.system

I have an idea for a DApp I'm looking to build after launch. It won't be large, but it'll be on a large platform (won't name it here because I don't want anyone taking my idea lol). After cloning the ...
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Is there a way to upgrade from Dawn 4.0 to Dawn 4.1? Is it worth doing?

How to upgrade from Dawn 4.0 to Dawn 4.1? Is it worth doing for test purposes or there were just minor changes?
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How do you construct a singleton in dawn4?

Looks like they changed the constructor for singletons or I am doing this incorrectly. Can anyone advise? #include <eosiolib/eosio.hpp> #include <eosiolib/singleton.hpp> using namespace ...
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Nodeos failing to launch?

After a fresh build, nodeos tests are failing: The following tests FAILED: 28 - nodeos_run_test (Failed) 29 - nodeos_run_remote_test (Failed) Errors while running CTest Verbose output from ...
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Understanding the RAM Allocation Model

I'm reading articles on EOS.IO Dawn 4.0 about the RAM Allocation Model. Articles suggest that RAM can be purchased based on speculation that the cost of RAM will go higher. But once the cost reaches ...
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