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1 answer

Get address or eos account transactions

I want to get transaction list of request address or account using EOSJS or any RPC method. Kindly guide for it. As per check EOS dev documentation unable to find method which fullfill this.
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1 answer

call dice contract's deposit method , Error 3050003: eosio_assert_message assertion failure

I encounter this problem when I call dice deposit token in the example contract。 root@ubuntu:/opt/eos# cleos push action dice deposit '[ "alice", "100.0000 EOS" ]' -p alice Error 3050003: ...
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1 answer

call exchange contract's deposit method error

I encounter this problem when I call wanna deposit token in the exchange contract.(the private key imported correct). Error 3090003: provided keys, permissions, and delays do not satisfy declared ...
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How to accept deposits with required quantity of tokens?

What are the best practices for setting a minimum deposit amount for a contract?
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