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Questions tagged [docker]

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eosio/eos-dev docker is not producing blocks

Hi sorry if my question seems basic. I'm running eosio/eos-dev docker and when I run the command docker logs --tail 10 nodeos I don't see any block producing. This is the log I'm seeing: 2018-09-...
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1 answer

Windows Docker Wax Dev failing to build eosio.token contract

Im installing the Wax Dev docker container via: docker run -it --name waxdev -v c:\wax:/wax waxteam/dev bash I then go to run the basic tutorial of creating a simple EOSIO.token from https://...
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How to run nodeos consistently even when dirty flag is set?

Here is my chain of invocation npm run compose:up -> ./ -> docker-compose -f compose.yml up package.json ... "compose:up": "concurrently -n \"DOCKER\" \&...
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