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EOS Studio set code permission

Is it possible to set code permission inside EOS Studio? I'm getting this error when I try to add one
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How do I fix and prevent EOSIO Node Instances from becoming unusable in EOS Studio

Just learning EOS and using EOS studio. Twice now my instances have become unusable. As you can see in the image, there is no longer a start button or a version. The gear/config button does nothing ...
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EOS STUDIO TERMINAL compilation issue

In terminal, I created a wallet, then created the eosio keys, imported that into the wallet, created an account with those keys, and set up my smart contract that has no errors, but when I try to do ...
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How can i convert a time_point to a string?

I want to convert a time_point variable to a string using eos studio. I need to insert a time_point variable in a string in order to creare the object of my smart contract.
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