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Questions about the deprecated (old) eosiocpp compiler tool. These are different from the new Version eosio-cpp.

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unordered map in eosio-cpp

I want to have an unordered_map inside a table so that I can have O(1) entry and retrieval. Can someone please link me to a snippet which implements that? I am new to cpp.
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EOS Block Producer Schedule

I have followed the Boot Bios sequence of eosio and setup a eos private blockchain. The problem is my even though i have created also Block producers and also voted for them still the blocks are ...
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Why can eosiocpp not do normal operations on std::vector<std::string>?

I have two types: struct typeA { std::vector<std::string> vec; } struct typeB { std::vector<std::string> vec; } but I can't seem to get the 2 vecs to mix as eosiocpp seems to be ...
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Alternative to std::ifstream for eosio contract

I'm watching for an alternative to "std::ifstream" because "#include " can't include as header in a contract. My code is: std::istream& operator>>(std::istream& str, ...
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Error unlinkable block jungle4 testnet fullnode

Iam trying to build a jungle4 testnet fullnode but when it reachs certain blocks, there are info about block number not accepted from mandelAPI:9876 with error unlinkable block ...
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How to test my static Public function using Hydra

The heading really explains it all, I am writing a smart contract for which in its header file I have defined two static public functions, which I want to test using Hydra testing library can anyone ...
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How can i convert a time_point to a string?

I want to convert a time_point variable to a string using eos studio. I need to insert a time_point variable in a string in order to creare the object of my smart contract.
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How can I create a table in an .hpp for a general contract? (Using the CDT)

THE STRUCTURE OF MY PROJECT I am working in mycontract.cpp, which imports myheader.hpp WHAT I WANT I want to create a table in myheader.hpp, for a generic contract, "IN THEORY" as follows: struct [...
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