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QAs about the JavaScript module eosjs which uses RPC-APIs to interact with an EOS.IO blockchain.

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1 answer

Reading table rows with EOSJS

Is there a way to receive the return output of an action with EOSJS? Say for example I have an action that reads columns from a table, sums a row and returns the result. How would I structure the ...
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5 answers

EOSJS tutorials

I have checked Where can I find complete (whole stack) EOS dApp development example projects? With smart-contracts, the necessary C++ coding and a browser interface? But I haven't found a full EOSJS ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Where is the API for block producer voting in EOSJS?

I have found the 'system voteproducer' command in cleos. Should I make a raw transaction or something like that?

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