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2 answers

Error: fetching abi for eosio: deadline exceeded by xx us

When launching a transaction like: await eosioApi.transact({ actions: [ { account: "eosio", name: 'newaccount', authorization: [{ actor:...
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2 votes
2 answers

Error while deploying eosio.system contract to eosio account while setting up a Private blockchain

I am following BIOS Boot Sequence, at step 1.12 cleos set contract eosio /[path]/eosio.contracts/build/contracts/eosio.system/ I am not able to set the eosio.system contract it will give me error: ...
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2 answers

What practices are high cpu consuming inside a smart contract

Eosio is a very powerful platform for developers, but resources seems to be precious, especially ram and cpu. Regarding to cpu time, what programming practices are commonly used in other platforms but ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Restricting runtime of a loop (Transaction took too long)

I want to manage a worker that loops over events and should finish as many tasks as possible in one transaction. Nodes have a config for max-transaction-time = 30. Is 30ms used on mainnet for all BP ...
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3 answers

Why the first time I execute an action I get "Error 3080006: transaction took too long"?

WHAT I WANT Call an action and see it succeed at the first execution. WHAT IS NOT WORKING The function, which I am executing, the first time fails with error: Error 3080006: Transaction took too long ...
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