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Is there any need of holding EOS tokens by Dapp users?

Do the events (whatever actions done by users) from Dapp are considered as Transactions? If so, is there any need for the users of Dapp to hold EOS tokens? How these transactions are reached to Block ...
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What is the source code of implementation of EOS Blockchain latest version?

Please provide the link for the latest version of EOS blockchain source code. We are trying to implement concurrency in EOS Blockchain. But for that, we need to analyze the whole code and we should ...
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Why did EOSio exclude all EOS ERC20-token holders who didn't register before 2st of June 2018?

They have made my ERC-20 EOS tokens non-transferable, so now the money I invested is lost. On my Trezor (MEW - MyEthereumWallet) Are there any official statements of the reasons to the malignant ...
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How do we know EOS-Mainnet github is official?

I have seen this referenced as some sort of official account for EOS mainnet related repositories: Is it actually official? How do we know if this is official since ...
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Can the EOS community decide to increase the number of block producers?

Is it built into the EOS governance for the community to reach a consensus on the matter of the number of block producers? If the community wants 51 instead of 21 block producers, can they make that ...
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