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Optimal hardware and OS setup for a super fast EOS node

What are the important factors when selecting hardware and OS for a super fast EOS Node. I'm assuming single threaded processors only count? A boat load of RAM? Some OS tweaking? I really want to ...
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How much memory do I need to synchronize my nodeos with the mainnet and use it say for a year?

Maybe this is not a precise question, but could you provide a rough estimation of how much memory (both RAM and hard drive) do I need to maintain my local node in synch with the mainnet for a year? I ...
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Hardware wallet support?

Will there be any hardware wallet support for EOS tokens after launch date? Not the ERC-20 tokens, the main (and other) EOS chain tokens.
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What are the minimum hardware specifications required to run an EOS blockchain?

What are the minimum hardware requirements to run an EOS blockchain in terms of CPU power, RAM, etc?
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