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How the IBC works exactly?

I am curious about how to transfer tokens between two chains. As I understand I need two smart contracts on different chains and a process of transfering tokens to the second chain will look like this:...
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How does EOS compare to the Ardor blockchain platform? What is EOS's version of Ardor's child chain feature?

Is there a comparison of EOS vs the Ardor blockchain platform? Ardor has the following interesting features: message sending, assets, data storage, and child chain system. What equivalent does EOS ...
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Can oracles be used to implement inter blockchain communication?

Do we need to wait for the version of eos which will support ibc for side chains or can we implement a poor man's version with external api which will listen for events on the main eos and another ...
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What are the potential fall outs of old DPOS+LIB algorithm?

In EOSIO Dawn 4.0, DPOS Last Irreversible Block Algorithm has been upgraded to DPOS 3.0 + BFT due to potential fallouts of consensus. DPOS with the last irreversible block (LIB) algorithm (as it ...
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Issue a transaction on a foreign blockchain

What is the correct way to send a transaction to the bitcoin blockchain from an EOS smart contract. Can anyone provide a code example ?
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