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What was the average price of EOS during the 1 year ICO sale during 2017-2018?

I read that the ICO sale for EOS fluctuated depending on demand and there wasn't a fixed price. Was there a base fixed price at all? And what was the average eos price by the time it ended? And when ...
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0 answers

ICO - can I block transaction before certain date?

Is it possible the following: A person send EOS to a contract account before certain date, and the tokens are rejected? Or I have to watch all the transactions and if they do not meet the criteria, I ...
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2 answers

Ico smart contract update

I would like to update this code, because it is CDT 1.2. I would like to update for CDT 1.5 or CDT 1.6. What do I need to change? #include <eosiolib/eosio.hpp> #include <eosiolib/currency....
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