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Which way is good to build eosio.cdt?

I am following this documentation, which is used for installing eosio cdt. It has two ways for doing ...
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Can't build or install eosio.cdt

I can't seem to install or build from source following the tutorials on Trying to install from package results in a huge list of errors that look like: E: Release 'eosio.cdt-1.3.2.x86_64.deb' ...
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Installing EOS using command docker pull eosio/eos:v1.4.2

On a clean mac, I tried to install EOS with the command "docker pull eosio/eos:v1.4.2" from the developer's website and I received the error: Error response from daemon: manifest for eosio/eos:1.4.2 ...
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Docker commands not returning to prompt

I'm a CS major who wants to learn EOS dapp development, but I'm still very much a beginner. On my native Ubuntu machine, I ran sudo docker network create eosnetwork after the previous steps in the ...
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How does one install EOS with NPM?

How does one install eos using npm, without going the route of docker image install? In other words, is there a workaround for installing without using the following docker command: docker pull eosio/...
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what made this make test fail?

I installed eos from source on Ubuntu 18.04. The I ran make test I do not have nodeos actually running at the time of testing. And I had the following errors - 39/41 Test #39: ...
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