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1 answer

Generate random numbers in the smart contract

I am writing smart contract and stucked on this line : int p = 0; p = (rand() % 997); This is giving error error: use of undeclared identifier 'rand' I do search and got some reference links but ...
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1 answer

How do I use big ints in eos?

Is there a library that will let me store big ints and then perform arithmetic on them in eos smart contracts? I was trying to use the multiprecision library in boost but kept on getting an error: ...
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variables which type is account_name is shown as integer since Dawn4.1, while it is string in Dawn4.0

Also if my action have an account_name param, it will ask for an integer too. Is it right? The following is what I post in telegram channel. Hi guys, my table's account field is shown/passed as an ...
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