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How to link the libfc.a to a dynamic library?

I try to make the fc tools in EOS to be used in Java JNI, and write an interface to call the signature function. However, it can only work on Mac with CMAKE flags SHARED, while in Ubuntu, it tells me ...
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Compiling eos software to get dlls

How can I compile EOS software on Linux or Windows to get dynamically linked libraries (DLLs) that I need in order to create an EOS wrapper to compile and deploy smart contracts from other programming ...
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Is there a C++ library just like eosjs?

I want to sign and send transactions (generally trigger any smart contract action) from a c++ external app. How can I do this? If my app was in javascript, that would be easy since I know that I can ...
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Transaction signing error

Good morning, everyone I use EOS UAL to login at frontend, and it works, but there is troubles while signing transaction. Done signing like in an example
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