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How do I record LOG in eosio smart contract?

I deployed and tested eosio smart contract. I want to record the logs of a smart contract using the web API. How can I do this? I searched but didn't get any satisfying answer. I tried to get logs by ...
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How to disable block production log for nodeos?

I am running several docker images, one of them is EOSIO blockchain. The block production log it produces fills the terminal. I don't want to see it, the logs of other containers are much more ...
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Can I truncate blocks.log file

I want to build a small blockchain based on EOSIO and I want to conserve disk space on some nodes. I don't need full history on the light nodes, just the current state of the blockchain which is in ...
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Where are deferred transaction errors logged to?

I'm trying to learn about deferred transactions. I'm creating a bogus deferred transaction that invokes a non-existent action "fakeaction": transaction out{}; out.actions.emplace_back(...
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How to view error console?

How do you view the error console I keep hearing mentioned? I passed --contracts-console in my initial set up (i'm using the docker image) but no console runs in the background or opens when I call to ...
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Can you upload binary files to RAM?

Let's say I wanted to create a music midi dapp player where I store all the .midi files in RAM or should I store it in the blockchain (log?). Example: Let's ...
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