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1 vote
2 answers

It's April 2019, what's a good tutorial on how to link a web dapp to scatter or some other mobile wallet?

There have been a few tutorials on how to link scatter to a dapp which is just html/js, but those could be outdated due to the speed that eos has developed. What is the latest tutorial on how to link ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Standard of communications between dapps and dapp browsers

I am building a dapp on EOS, and wondered what is the best practice of communicating with the dapp browser. For example on Ethereum I implemented the web3 library and all commands and apis were ...
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1 answer

Which is the most widely used EOS android app?

I only know of 2 eos wallets for android: lynx and Is there another one that is reputable and has many installs? I want to go with a reliable developer that isn't going to steal your funds. ...
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1 vote
0 answers

What is the difference from the and lynx eos wallet for android?

What are the pros and cons of and lynx eos wallet? Also who created them and from which country? Is their wallet code open source?
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