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How to deploy a smart contract on the mainnet?

I created and tested my smart contract on testnet. Now I want to deploy it on mainnet, I assume I have to purchase some EOS token and buy ram, cpu and net... I can't find anything in the docs about ...
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How to get an account on EOS mainnet?

I will start with the description, which I think is correct. I am not sure about all the steps, so please clarify/correct as much as possible :) If the chain wasn't started yet, and I have some EOS ...
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Having two EOS BlockChain networks in parallel, is this theoretical scenario possible?

How is this scenario prevented: Two or more sets of Block Producers (21+100) start main-net; Where each set runs its own different network? What if both sets of BPs gather 15% EOS necessary vots to ...
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Can someone explain EOS sidechains to me?

Independent platform, Main chain, sidechains, smart contracts. Can someone define these terms for me? I don't quite understand the idea of sidechains. Is sidechains something like threads in ...
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