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Questions tagged [multisig]

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Multi-signature Account with Wait Time

I want to create a shared hierarchical account using time delays and multi-sigs. My intention is to use a "wait" time delay in conjunction with a mutli-sig proposal. I want to require a multi-sig ...
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1 answer

How to unstake CPU using multisig and cleos?

I know that to unstake a simple account I can run the following: cleos system undelegatebw FROM RECEIVER unstake_net_quantity unstake_cpu_quantity And I know that to propose a multisig transaction I ...
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Is there any way to see who has signed an msig trans and who needs to sign it?

I'm testing out the msig capabilities. Once an msig transaction has been proposed , how can you determine who has already signed it and who needs to sign it? Is there any way to notify the ...
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A way to decrease power of active and owner keys of account?

I'm reading this article: It's allowed to add many owners to single EOS account, right? It's allowed to have many active keys for ...
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