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Does EOS have a standard currency symbol (like the $ for dollars)?

Does EOS have a currency symbol that's widely used such as ฿ for bitcoin or $ for the USD?
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Need Help Name Bidding on Premium Names

So I've seen on several explorers that people are already bidding on names. It seems like I remember watching a video where someone was talking about Premium names and how you could have the ...
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What is "EOS" short for?

I can't seem to find what the acronym EOS means. I did search, but other than a sort-of consensus that the E is for Ethereum, I did not find anything else. Only conjecture. So, is there a word-of-God?...
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How will account name-squatting be prevented?

Due to the potential high-value of certain names, we believe that the EOSIO system should offer a dynamic pricing model for account names. Furthermore, the ability to namespace accounts such as *.com ...
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Is there a standard for naming and formatting that EOS projects should follow / EOS C++ coding style?

Coming from other C++ projects like Unreal Engine I was surprised to see coding standards in the EOS codebase is all lowercase, not only for variables but even for class names. Is there any resource ...
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