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How can i Set up my own business idea and token

I'm new to the EOS world, I have a business idea and want to build my own project on EOS so I want to build my own network, my own token that is also built on a modified EOS.token. But I would like to ...
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Does the initial_key have any crypto significance?

I created a genesis.json initial_key using very helpful instructions from gensis.json initial key parameter: what is it?. My question - does the initial key have any crypto significance or is it ...
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Is there a way to gauge how clogged the EOS resource exchange is where transactions would get stuck?

With the recent resources causing transactions to get stuck. Is there a way to gauge if my transaction would get stuck? Is there some type of graph or chart to see how much of the resources are free ...
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Confused about the differences between NET and RAM on the EOS network

I'm trying to wrap my head around the differences between the 2 resources on the EOS network: NET and RAM. My understanding is that "NET" represents the share of the entire EOS blockchain that we are ...
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How does a node discover new peers?

How does a node that joins the network for the first time connect to peers? Are there some hardcoded peers and does it use DNS (as other cryptocurrencies)? And then, how does a node learns about new ...
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Different of configuration on computer's BPs?

I have a question about configuration of computer's block producer(BP). My question is: In 21 BPs, if have some BPs which have lower configuration of computer than other, they will never be approved ...
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Calling action from different network

I am running a local blockchain on my computer. And I want to call an action on my node using eosjs from another computer in another network. My current http provider in the config section of ...
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What's the purpose of use_socket_read_watermark

How to use this parameter and why should we use it? in config.ini there is a experimental parameter for socket read watermark optimization use-socket-read-watermark = 0 in net_plugin.cpp ...
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How to enable mining in a new network?

I need to start a new mainnet network and start mining without voices. How can I do that? I do not quite understand how testnet and mainnet work, but I know for sure that I need to run mainnet on my ...
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can you configure a block producer url permanently with cleos?

I'd like to know if there's a config option instead of entering the url parameter for mainnet nodes every time, or what's the best option for convenience?
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How does EOS.IO avoid high orphan rates with a short block time?

EOS.IO has a relatively short block interval of 0.5 seconds. On most blockchains with short block intervals, orphan rates are a problem due to propagation latency, and they need special mitigations to ...
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What's the difference between bnet-endpoint and p2p-listen-endpoint in v1.0.0 config.ini?

Here are two parameters which are located in config.ini in v1.0.0 bnet-endpoint # the endpoint upon which to listen for incoming connections (eosio::bnet_plugin) bnet-endpoint = p2p-...
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How to configure block producer to have front-end and back-end cluster nodes

In order to have high-availability, scalability and network efficiency, how to configure an EOS block producer to have front-end cluster nodes (that handle user and peer-to-peer requests) and back-end ...
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Network Topologies

The EOS GitHub contains descriptions/diagrams of three network topologies, namely a "star" topology, a "ring" topology, and a fully connected mesh. Are there any plans for any other systems, such as ...
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