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How does one go about getting a .com .org .net account name and how do I get control of a dot domain wild card?

I see that you can register a .com .net .org account name, but I read that you have to first control the account names com net and org in order to register these new ones. How does one get these 3 ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How does one sign up for an EOS account on the premium .com name?

Who purchased the .com premium name? And how can one sign up for a .com account name?
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1 vote
2 answers

How to claim a premium name?

what is the cleos command to claim a premium name after winning the bid? is it even possible to claim it via cleos command line tool? searching through its parameters there's not much that leads to ...
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3 votes
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Is the EOS Name Bidding Operational? (September 1 2018)

I want to know whether there is something blocking the issuance of premium names currently in the bidding process? It has been two weeks since the last bid on the highest name and still the name has ...
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3 answers

Difference btw Premium + Non-Premium Accounts?

What's the difference between premium and non premium account names? Is there bidding on regular account names (what is that process)? Say I want the account name "java". That would be premium, no? ...
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How will account name pricing work on names shorter than 12 characters?

In the DAWN 4 release notes, it is mentioned that account names shorter than 12 characters (the max) will be disabled until a proper pricing mechanism is added. Will there be a bidding process for ...
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