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Random Number Generator without wasting RAM

I want to implement RNG on EOS the mainnet. My reference is the WAX ORNG smart contract It is based on the signidice which is an Ethereum implementation. That algorithm is based on an external oracle ...
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Generate random numbers in the smart contract

I am writing smart contract and stucked on this line : int p = 0; p = (rand() % 997); This is giving error error: use of undeclared identifier 'rand' I do search and got some reference links but ...
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Random number generation

I know that it's not possible to have a completely 'safe' random generator on block chain. But still wondering how safe it would be if I use a combination of methods like now() and transaction_size() ...
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Validation for contract which has data which varies

How does the EOS contract system handle data which varies? This could be from using a true random number, or receiving real-world data like a token price. Every time the contract executes, different ...
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How can I generate random numbers inside a smart contract?

If I'm building a smart contract that requires random numbers (e.g. games of chance), how do I reliably generate randomness inside a smart contract?
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