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Platforms for EOS research

Hello everyone is there a place where the community discusses relevant research for the advancement of EOS? Is there any community driven research like in Ethereum? Thanks and greetings :)
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Issue in transferring EOS from Ledger Nano to exchange

I was getting an issue at the time of transferring my EOS from Ledger Nano S using Fairy wallet to one exchange. It was unable to complete the transaction due to deadline. I got few good response and ...
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What is the latest development of EOS.IO Storage?

Does anyone know the latest development of EOS.IO Storage? This includes the determination of storage supply and the status of implementing IPFS. I found this article from BM, yet it was a year ago. ...
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Is there a way to gauge how clogged the EOS resource exchange is where transactions would get stuck?

With the recent resources causing transactions to get stuck. Is there a way to gauge if my transaction would get stuck? Is there some type of graph or chart to see how much of the resources are free ...
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Fractional reserve CPU and bandwidth

I've heard about fractional reserve features on EOSIO software in which unused CPU and Bandwidth are free to utilise unless the network reaches actual demand. How does the network determine how much ...
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Can a transfer fail when the receiving account is out of resources?

I have seen this twice now on our Telos project - an account that ran out of CPU / net / RAM - not entirely sure which - became impossible to send to from another account that was still OK. It's as ...
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