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Adding Ricardian Clause

I am new to eosio and so far I have been learning using EOS Studio. I have come to the point where I would like to be able to write some Ricardian Clauses in the abi file but EOS Studio does not seem ...
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How to create ABI with ricardian contract clauses using eosin-cpp

I have eosin.cdt version 1.8.1 installed and i'm trying to create ABI file for my smart contract. I have placed my and files in ./ricardian ...
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Ricardian Contract

Does eosio also sign the transaction with the ricardian contract of user consent and/or how does the application proove that a party agreed on said ricardian contract? I have integrated the ricardian ...
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How to avoid "Warning, empty ricardian clause file" warnings?

When executing eosio-cpp -I include -o eosio.token.wasm src/eosio.token.cpp --abigen over the eosio.token smart contract I get the following warnings: Warning, empty ricardian clause file Warning, ...
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Ricardian on the EOS chain

I have implement Ricardian contract on my contract and can be seen in contract abi file but i have few questions Let say user binds a ricardian contract with my application and perform an transaction ...
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How is a Ricardian Contract created? (file type, location, and naming convention)?

The Hello World tutorial defines a sample Ricardian Contract (abreviated snippet below): ## CONTRACT FOR HELLO WORLD ### Parameters Input parameters: NONE Implied parameters: * _**account_name**...
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Ricardian contracts for require_recipient code

We are processing user payments with require_recipient code. Someone does eosio.token transfer, passes parameters with memo and gets his token. But since user uses standard eosio.token transfer he can ...
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How to create ricardian clauses in the ABI with eosiocpp

I couldn't find any information on how to automatically include the ricardian clauses in the abi. I always get the error: abi_generator.hpp:68 ricardian_contracts ] Warning, no ricardian ...
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How to generate ABI with Ricardian Contracts?

I have created some ricardian contracts with file names like "". Is it possible to generate ABI file with these Ricardian Contracts automatically? Edit: I have cpp and ...
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What is a Ricardian Contract?

Just what is a Ricardian contract in simple English? How do they work with EOS? A straightforward example would be nice.
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Which variables can be used in ricardian contracts?

Ricardian contracts should be presented to the user before calling an action on a contract. For that purpose place holders can be used. Which place holders are supported by which tools in which ...
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Ricardian contracts

At what level are Ricardian contracts implemented? Examples I see are in the constitution . Can these be applied at the application level? Eg. A derivation contract with the terms of contract ...
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How are Ricardian Contracts on EOS.IO such as the Constitution interfaced with?

Will the full prose of each Ricardian contract be stored on-chain, or just a reference to its hash? Also, how does a distributed application developer publish a Ricardian contract that is mapped to a ...
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