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Table values write correctly but fails to read values, possible serialize error

I'm trying to write a contract that has a table with few vectors, even tho it seems to be writing all the values correctly it fails to read the values back. The structs and tables are bellow: struct ...
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How to access data inside multi-index table when using 2D vector / 2D array?

What is going on? :D I write data, but cannot find it after I write it. The following code successfully emplaces the row into the multi-index table: See specifically the vector<vector <...
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convert the action name to human readable (e.g. .....1c5..1k)

I have the follow from using const tx = api.deserializeTransaction(body.packed_trx);. { "expiration": "1970-07-18T18:12:21.000", "ref_block_num": 1544, "...
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