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sign & push transaction separately eosjs

Goal: be able to separately create, sign and broadcast a transaction: Global for both approaches: const privkey = '5KQwrPbwdL6PhXujxW37FSSQZ1JiwsST4cqQzDeyXtP79zkvFD3'; Approach 1: ...
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Is it possible to only install keosd on ubuntu?

I need a solution for signing transactions sent with HTTP API (RPC) from a .Net webserver. EOSjs works fine for signing transactions in the browser - but some transactions must be sent from the server....
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9 votes
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EOS authentication

I was wondering how users will "sign in" to EOS. Users will need to share some private keys with the web app if the user wants the app to interact on its behalf with the EOS blockchain. I believe this ...
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