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Error 3080004: Transaction exceeded the current CPU usage limit imposed on the transaction

I have an account with very little staked CPU/NET but I need to do some transfers of another token and I currently can't do anything: $ cleos -u get account auewijsdh312 ...
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Staking NFT to withdraw a token

What would be a good example of a smart contract that will allow users to stake NFTs and withdraw an amount of a certain token on a daily basis?
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Do tokens waiting to be unstaked still function as staked tokens?

If I unstake 1000 EOS tokens, for example, do they still work as staked tokens during the 3-day waiting period? i.e. will bp votes I have cast still count until the exact moment they are unstaked?
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Is the account 'eosio.stake' a service that's holding over 51% of the EOS?

Looking up the largest holder of EOS, its the account: Is this a service and what does it do? And how did it acquire 51% of the stake and does it pose a ...
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Changing unstaking period

I'm trying to change unstaking period 3 days to 5 seconds. I edited /eos/contract/eosio.system/delegate_bandwidth.cpp like below. After that, I executed However, when I execute ...
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How user stake and earn reward and How we can implement this staking model

Basically, staking and unstaking are an on going process throughout the life of a blockchain and in EOSIO we have 0.1 token not 10% of the account's tokens is staked for RAM Cleos stakes 8 KB of RAM ...
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Can a transfer fail when the receiving account is out of resources?

I have seen this twice now on our Telos project - an account that ran out of CPU / net / RAM - not entirely sure which - became impossible to send to from another account that was still OK. It's as ...
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