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General Tips on Smart Contract Development? ( Business Logic + Token )

Currently developing an eosio based token with some semi intricate business logic that frequently modifies aspects of the token contract( staking, supply, etc ) based on a variety of factors including ...
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What is the equivalent of an ERC20 in EOS?

Ethereum has the basic ERC20 contract to create tokens, but what is the equivalent in EOS? Also what about ERC721 for unique tokens?
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Does producres create symbol of a new token or we can create ourself?

On the test net we provide permission to a account to create a symbol for a new token like this: void create(account_name issuer, string symbol); After that we issue the tokens. But on the main net ...
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How are ERC20 EOS tokens converted to main net tokens?

So the ERC20 tokens have been registered and locked. Now they need to be represented on main net. How is this achieved? What does the cross chain swap look like? How do I prove to EOS main net that ...
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Why are 5.2% of the tokens not attended to in the fallback plan?

It's good to know that B1 and Scatter are working hard to ensure that no EOS token holder is disappointed after the mainnet launch. I curious to know why 5.2% of the tokens are not considered/...
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How can I know if I have registered my EOS tokens correctly?

How can I check if my registration of ERC 20 EOS tokens was successful?
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