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Using Swift SDK to Encode and Mint Atomic Assets?

I've been trying to solve this for weeks but I'm new to this. Atomic Assets use C++ variants to hold asset data. I've tried a range of ways to create structs and enums that can be encoded into ...
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What is the equivalent of an ERC20 in EOS?

Ethereum has the basic ERC20 contract to create tokens, but what is the equivalent in EOS? Also what about ERC721 for unique tokens?
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1 answer

Is there any standard to assigning name to your token symbol?

If some one creating new tokens. So the name of token symbol can be any string. If someone wants, he can give a string of length 20 or anything he want. My question is, How can we decide the symbol ...
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ERC-721 Style token on EOS

Is there any way to create something similar to an ERC-721 token on the EOS network? I need to create unique tokens. There seems to be no documentation on this, is it planned for a later date? This ...
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Are there any established EOS Token Standards?

Will EOS adopt the Ethereum's ERC20 (and other token standards) or will there be a modifications since much of the development is in C++?
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