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Tokens may refer to the core system EOSIO tokens (e.g. SYS, EOS, etc.) or to non-native EOSIO tokens created after launch. Questions may relate to the transfer of tokens, creation of tokens, managing and administrating tokens, token rights and benefits, staking and unstaking tokens, and others.

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How are ERC20 EOS tokens converted to main net tokens?

So the ERC20 tokens have been registered and locked. Now they need to be represented on main net. How is this achieved? What does the cross chain swap look like? How do I prove to EOS main net that ...
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How to do an inline transfer of a token?

When I perform a token transfer from the cleos command line, it works with no problems: $ cleos push action eosio.token transfer '["rider2","vehicle1","1000.0000 TOK","initial"]' -p rider2 executed ...
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How can I lease my EOS once the mainnet launches? [closed]

EOS has been described as the blockchain real-estate due to its ability to allow it's holders to lease their tokens to dApp developers once the mainnet launches in June 2018 but I've heard very little ...
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Is there a solution being built for those who didn’t register their ERC20 EOS tokens?

It’s fair to expect at least a few individuals who hold ERC20 EOS tokens to have missed the message of registration. Some may have registered and lost their EOS wallet private key. These things tend ...
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How to send EOS based tokens from one account to another?

While playing a game on Dapp if we want the user to donate some tokens in order to join the game, how can we accomplish it in the smart contract?
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get token balance from another contract

How do we accomplish this on EOSIO? In Ethereum we get the reference of another contract using the contract address, what about for EOSIO? Can anyone provide a sample code for this? Would like to ...
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How to transfer EOS after a particular delay?

I know that there is a concept called deferred transaction but how can I use this concept in transferring the EOS to another account. The scenario is: I need to transfer certain amount of coins ...
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What is the minimum of EOS I need when creating a brand new account?

Is there some type of EOS minimum to have in an account when creating a new eos account? Say I wanted to create one just to receive a bunch of different tokens. Do these tokens take up ram space? And ...
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I tried to transfer token EOSDAC, but getting below error, can someone help me in this

cleos --url transfer ge4dimrzgige ironmanineos " 0.0001 EOSDAC" 157492ms thread-0 main.cpp:2712 main ] Failed with error: unspecified (0) ...
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