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Understanding EOSIO voting mechanism and decay

I have a question on eosio-voting and decay. Suppose there are only 21 block-producers (registered) and only 10 users having equally eos-token. These users now voting for each block-producers, it mean ...
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Is there any voting weight decay through proxy vote?

when someone votes through proxy in 'system voteproducer proxy', Is there decay on that? The reason I ask you is, for example, in case of an account "giytcnjuguge" "giytcnjuguge"has voted at 2018. ...
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How much EOS worth of votes does one need to be a block producer stand by?

To be a stand by block producer, you need votes. How many votes does one need as of today and out of those votes how much EOS is required?
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How does the vote value decrease over time (Producer Vote Decay)?

As far as I understand currently, we can vote for 30 block producers. Each selected candidate will get the same number of votes as the number of EOS coins in my account when I vote. This means that if ...
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Can the community vote out a block producer any minute?

In this blog post, Dan Larimer says, "In order to maintain maximum voting influence each voter will have to re-assert their vote every week." Does this mean that a voter can only change her vote once ...
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How does implementation of vote decay prevents usage of automated bots for voting?

The implementation of vote decay in Dawn 4.0 has been introduced to tweak the system contract. Does it prevent the use of automated voting bots for the purpose of vote-decay?
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