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Why does the -abigen option in eosio.cdt not work?

The solution to my problem was that the wasm file had to exactly match the name of the contract in the attributes of the contract class. So as my file was called mycontract.wasm, I had to have the ...
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ABI file not generated

I wasn't getting an abi file, but it was compiling fine. I finally noticed that I had the file named: widgets.cpp but the class was widget. Watch out for missing "S"s. Ran again and the abi ...
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How to use binary extensions

Here is an excellent example of how to use binary extensions: I will post the full ...
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running hello.cpp tutorial, stuck at compiling WASM, abigen error, file read error

It says there is (likely) no file named hello.cpp in your /home/corey/eos directory. Check the previous steps in the tutorial. Find the step which was supposed to put this file there. Find out what ...
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