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You need 'account_name' instead of 'account', and json needs to be dumped. import requests, json url = "" data = {"account_name": "yupcreators1"} r =, json.dumps(data)) print(r.status_code) print(r.text)


I have the feeling your network and your producers are not configured correctly, with correct configuration your questions are probably unnecessary. If you follow the eosio-bios-boot-sequence-tutorial your network should be set up correctly. A few things regarding keys and signing in short. While setting up your network, you need to create one eos-account ...


Please see the documentation here: You must send the account name in POST request (not a GET) {"account_name": "nameofaccount"} Example: curl -d '{"account_name": "hackerdarwin"}'


Error-Code 3040006's message is "Transaction Expiration Too Far" What kind of client (cleos, eos-js, eos-sharp?) and what kind of network (EOS-mainnet, Telos, Wax?) are you using? Default maximum transaction lifetime is 3600 seconds, therefore if expiration exceeds this maximum, you will get this error. Here are the things I would do: Check if ...

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