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get token balance from another contract

Declare the following struct in your contract struct account { asset balance; uint64_t primary_key()const { return balance.symbol.name(); } }; typedef eosio::multi_index<N(...
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What is the difference between EOS balance and EOS Mortgage?

Your EOS balance is tokens that you can transfer at this moment, but 'Mortgage' actually means 'Staked'. These are reserved and you cannot transfer them until they are released. Your will be able to ...
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What limits does an API endpoint impose on transactions which fail due to assertions?

According to the responses in this GitHub issue, the mechanisms that are meant to mitigate this issue are as follows: There's a maximum cpu time(30ms) for every transaction. If a transaction ...
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Can we use addresses to query balances from EOSJS?

There is nothing like addresses on EOS. Only Accountnames and key-pairs. There's no endpoint for querying by public Key. Key-pairs can be used for multiple Accounts - so you can't query the ...
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How to send EOS tokens to a new account using cleos? Are EOS token created by default in private testing blockchians?

You can specify the core symbol when building. In the main chain's case, EOS is the core symbol. The flag to pass is -s [CORE_SYMBOL]. You can see this in the Build.sh file. [CoreSymbolName -s <...
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How to check balance of dynamically determined token contract?

@Max your approach is good, but I think you can make it cleaner by using the token symbol directly doing something similar to what I did here: https://github.com/andresberrios/token_ram_recovery/blob/...
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Does EOS use UTXO (BTC) or Account (ETH) to store account balance?

EOS is an account based system. https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/wiki/Accounts-&-Permissions Furthermore EOS differentiates from Ethereum that an account has an upfront setup cost. In Ethereum an ...
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How are anonymous balances and records implemented

In the current implementation of EOSIO software, the account balances can not be made confidential. Each user's balance is stored in a table alongside their username. In addition to this, any ...
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