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What is the file structure and directories of where CLEOS saves its data and user data for Ubuntu?

In the beginning create the wallet. you can see the 'eosio-wallet' directory in /home/username. And EOSIO program stored the data in .data folder you can see user's home folder
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What is the best way to create an account and fund it with some cpu / net / ram via the command line?

Everything you need should be here, however you will need to install cleos on the machine first. This is a command line utility, I'm unaware of any native php eos libraries.
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What are the requirements for running the cleos commad line eos wallet manager?

Follow the step-by-step guide found at the developer portal. In a nutshell: Install Docker docker pull eosio/eos docker run --name eosio \ --publish 7777:7777 \ --publish \ --...
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