Action names, table names, index names, account names, and everything else you use N(foo), "foo"_n, or eosio::name("foo") for, have these rules. A contract belongs to an account. 12 characters max May contain: a-z, 1-5, or . May not end with . Names are encoded in base-32: . = 0 1-5 = 1 - 5 a-z = 6 - 31 The 5 MSBs of the uint64 contain the first ...


I don't think you can ask cleos directly for that information. I think you need to inspect the contracts that get uploaded yourself to identify them. That could be automated, of course.


The issue was inside an emplace(). Basically, I was not setting the payer. After, hard coding the payer as N(mycontract), I don't get the error anymore and the functions work correctly.

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