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How to get eos.js file in one of Dawn4.x versions?

Ok. So in order to have a file one needs to run as well: git clone cd eosjs npm install npm run build_browser // builds: ./dist/eos.js The fact is that it does ...
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Difference Between Eosio.token and Eosio.system

The eosio.token contract is indeed for the public to create tokens on, similar to ERC20 on Ethereum however instead of a contract for each token, many tokens can be based all on this one eosio.token ...
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Is there a way to upgrade from Dawn 4.0 to Dawn 4.1? Is it worth doing?

It's worth it. They changed a lot of stuff as you can see on the release page: The procedure that I usually run: # from the eos root folder rm -...
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