Can you call the below to activate ACTION_RETURN_VALUE cleos push action eosio activate '["c3a6138c5061cf291310887c0b5c71fcaffeab90d5deb50d3b9e687cead45071"]' It looks like you called activate with the description_digest and not the feature_digest. curl -X POST http://localhost:8888/v1/producer/get_supported_protocol_features | jq -r ... { ...


Key generation is generating an R1 or K1 curve key, can be done with cleos cleos create key --to-console ...


What is the key generation process? As Nat says in his answer, the keys are secp256k1 or secp256r1 curve keys. You can read more about that here: http://www.secg.org/sec2-v2.pdf Can the same keypairs generated for the mainnet be used on any private network? Yes. A private/public keypair created for one EOSIO chain is usable on another chain. What is the ...


If you want to build a single contract with eosio.cdt you would need to modify the code. Just use the build-script build.sh (located in the eosio.contracts-directory) to compile all system-contracts at once, without the need to modify any of them.


EOSIO Private network tutorial by EOS Costa Rica: https://guide.eoscostarica.io/docs/tutorials/private-network-installation

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