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What could be the reason for 'Error 3050008: Abort Called'

Abort Called is usually an indicating of a segmentation violation. So look for things like: accessing elements of a vector or pointer calling new or delete on objects that have already been created ...
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how to find greatest common divisor inside smart contract?

You should have #include <numeric> to use std::gcd in your code.
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How to add "eosio.code" permission to an account on testnet?

I think this is specific to the EOSIO testnet from Block One. You can try adding it by doing the following: cleos -u set account permission lsqkeotnnpyu active --add-code ...
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Type mismatch error when creating iterator

I identified the problem - later in the function I'm trying to create a new extended asset by adding two extended assets together, and they don't have the same extended symbol. I'm really not sure ...
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Cannot create account using the EOSJS Create Account

In the first line you're entering an EOS public key in what should be a private key const addPrivateKey = "EOS8i1CXTY4Sz39XaQWX2RpccsCZ1nWM3w9zRhjCFChdci2Y65ck4"; Change this to the private key but ...
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EOSIO Error: 3040006 from api

Error-Code 3040006's message is "Transaction Expiration Too Far" What kind of client (cleos, eos-js, eos-sharp?) and what kind of network (EOS-mainnet, Telos, Wax?) are you using? Default ...
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Why is nodeos not producing blocks?

First of all, please double-check your startup command as yours is modified comparing to the example: nodeos -e -p eosio \ --plugin eosio::producer_plugin \ --plugin eosio::producer_api_plugin \ --...
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How to view error console?

The --contracts-console option to nodeos will cause it to output any print statements made by a smart contract to its console log. When running from the command line, these end up in the terminal. ...
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Build from docker clang fail v1.7.0

Oh.. I'm so idiot. should be enough 7 GB memory.
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