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Seems like there's an executable called blocklogtrim in the makes that let's you truncate block.log files. No official support and not merged into master but maybe worth a look.


The new documentation explains how logging works in nodeos. You have to create a logging.json file in the config_dir for nodeos. I believe (although I haven't tested it), that you can disable logging with: { "name": "consoleout", "type": "console", "args": { "stream": "std_out", }, "enabled": false }


The --contracts-console option to nodeos will cause it to output any print statements made by a smart contract to its console log. When running from the command line, these end up in the terminal. If running from Docker, check the nodeos log file.


You definitely should not use RAM for binary data unless it's literally very few bytes. The RAM cost will be prohibitive. And just imagine it in scale: the current available amount of RAM can store only a few HD videos. It is my understanding that, whenever you need binary data, you use some third-party way to store the data itself, and just store and URL ...

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