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Is there a way to attach a message to an EOS transaction and see it publicly on a block explorer?

How can I attach this message to a transaction when sending nothing? If you send nothing, what are you going to attach it to? Generally, for most tokens (the main EOS token included), the transfer ...
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Which eos testnet has the cheapest fees and ram?

Most of the testnet just uses the same fee and ram policy as the mainnet. On testnet, you can just easily ask for faucet tokens for your test. The Junlge Testnet is the most popular one. However, if ...
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How does one add a message to a transaction and what are the limitations?

How does one attach a message using a desktop wallet or cleos? What is the max limit of the message? How much does it cost to send a 1000 character message? Answered here if you don't want to send ...
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