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How to configure block producer to have front-end and back-end cluster nodes

Please feel free to edit this question for any fix or enhancement. Your contribution is valuable especially that EOS and its resources are frequently updated and this answer will need to be ...
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What's the difference between bnet-endpoint and p2p-listen-endpoint in v1.0.0 config.ini?

Both net_plugin and bnet_plugin are responsible of to the Peer-to-Peer network. The P2P network is the network that is between the Block Producers. However, net_plugin is the old plugin for the P2P ...
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3 votes

How does EOS.IO avoid high orphan rates with a short block time?

In DPoS there are turnwise block creations of every of the (in EOS) 21 block producers. Therefore orphan or stale blocks which are common in PoW chains, do not usually occure. Any misbehaving block ...
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Does the initial_key have any crypto significance?

When you starts a fresh blockchain with genesis.json, system account eosio is automatically generated with initial_key. eosio is the only one BP in this environment, and the signing key for block ...
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Confused about the differences between NET and RAM on the EOS network

In the EOSIO ecosystem, the CPU, RAM, and NET are all provided to the chain by the block producers. The EOS tokens gives you access to the staking resources (CPU & NET = Bandwidth) which are ...
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2 votes

What's the purpose of use_socket_read_watermark

The option appears to have been introduced in v1.0.4, and it enables low-water marks for socket communication to minimise the number of send calls required to get a minimum number of bytes (i.e. ...
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How to enable mining in a new network?

Looks like you're trying to run a single node test net. Try not to confuse it with the main net as that's the popular EOSIO based Blockchain with Block Producers like EOS New York or Genereos. To ...
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can you configure a block producer url permanently with cleos?

Add the following entry to config.ini. p2p-peer-address = You can see a number of configuration examples at the link below.
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Confused about the differences between NET and RAM on the EOS network

BPs have hardware limit RAM (random access memory) and hardware limit receive packages from network. RAM is about how many data need to save each BPs about your account. NET is about how many people ...
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How does a node discover new peers?

On the EOS Mainnet, new peers need to be manually added. See for an up-to-date and validated list.
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Different of configuration on computer's BPs?

It is not the case. In EOS which has a DPoS consensus model, BPs work together to produce blocks and forks are not very often. The 21 active BPs will take turns to produce blocks one by one. As long ...
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Network Topologies

The EOS software doesn't define or require any the network architecture, that is completely decided by launch implementations. The current proposal for the mainnet EOS chain (being engineered and ...
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