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Sounds like your account is blacklisted on contract-level. Try to contact the owner, admin or developers behind the contract/token. There's nothing else you could do.


If you want to stop nodeos: First do Ctrl+C and then pkill nodeos or you can also use ./ script if this doesn't work. This will allow you to stop nodeos gracefully, without getting the dirtyflag error when you start the nodeos next time.


The new documentation explains how logging works in nodeos. You have to create a logging.json file in the config_dir for nodeos. I believe (although I haven't tested it), that you can disable logging with: { "name": "consoleout", "type": "console", "args": { "stream": "std_out", }, "enabled": false }


The problem is that you don't have enough resourcecs staked to complete the action of unstaking your resources. There are some services (such as that offer 5 free transactions per day, you can use them to unstake and transfer your funds


I found a repo with a JS program for listen to the node and get the blocks. The fill.js came from another repo that I can't find the url anymore. But for future reference I want to close this question with this script that helped me develop my own solution.

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