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Update 4/2019: You can use AirdropsDac vRAM enabled service: Recently they launched the Emanate token with this setup: vRAM provides a caching layer for the current RAM system. It works much in the same sense as RAM and a DISK work on a normal PC. RAM is ...


It currently cost 0.9298 EOS to purchase 1024 bytes of RAM on the Jungle Testnet. 0.9298 * 250 = 232.45 EOS estimated to purchase 250 kbytes of RAM. The documentation you linked to is not current. Please refer to the v1.7.4 eosio repo. buyram_subcommand(CLI::App* actionRoot) { auto buyram = actionRoot->add_subcommand("buyram", localized("Buy ...


This is just a theoretical thought experiment. RAM is not recommended for investing as it is highly speculative. The probability of this fractional reserve of RAM formula being used is very low. RAM is a very young market and is in growing pains currently. RAM is intended to be used by dApps and the speculators are just helping finding the price.

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