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How is the total available capacity (ram/cpu/bandwidth) communicated among block producers

the producers all agree "offline" and then sign a multi-sig message setting the current max block size and total available RAM.
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Why does eos produce continuous blocks?

Blocks always need to be produced due to there always being the potential for an action to be sent to the chain. If blocks are not produced, that action would then have additional latency added to it ...
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How are EOS block producers rewarded?

Rewards are coming from inflation, 1% per year is for block producer rewards. New tokens are being produced and given to the block producers. EOS is a DPOS blockchain and as such the production of ...
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How to convert block producers long string vote information into Scaled votes?

You can get the total vote weight curl -sd '{"scope":"eosio", "code":"eosio", "table":"global", "json": true}'
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Why is nodeos not producing blocks?

First of all, please double-check your startup command as yours is modified comparing to the example: nodeos -e -p eosio \ --plugin eosio::producer_plugin \ --plugin eosio::producer_api_plugin \ --...
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How is the total available capacity (ram/cpu/bandwidth) communicated among block producers

Do BPs broadcast this information to each other, is this information embedded in each block that is published, or do BPs query each other for this information? This information is in the global table ...
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How many nodes need to install my custom plugin?

The plugin will only be accessible to RPC clients which connect to nodes which run the plugin. A common case will be websites connecting to nodes running the plugins needed to support that website.
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