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How RAM was allocated in dapp and how to optimize the table?

I don't know how you calculated your contracts RAM consumption, but the devil lies in the details. Index Basics Using an index is always connected to sacrify some memory for speed. This is a well ...
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How can we know the usage of ram for eos?

Usage of RAM for an account: $ cleos get account <account_name> Maximum RAM of the network (max_ram_size): $ cleos get table eosio eosio global Unused RAM of the network: $ cleos get table ...
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When someone sells his RAM to another account, how it would clear from previous contracts?

confused00 should have made this response as he/she is correct. RAM must be freed before you can sell it. For a dev this means you have to release your claim on the RAM to sell it For an end user ...
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Where does the initial connector balance for the Bancor RAM Algorithm Come From

There was no need for any initial eos token balance for the bancor algorithm to work properly. The bancor algorithm calculates the price based on initial parameters set in the code and the current ...
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