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What is EOSIO max block size?

1 Megabyte. Block producers can change that, so it's dynamic and it doesn't need a hard fork.
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Can't --resync nodeos - How do I cleanly shut down?

It looks like the nodeos process is still running judging by this output: std::exception::what: bind: Address already in use (your current nodeos process is trying to use the same address/port that'...
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How do I check what plugins are enabled on an eosio single local testnode, without stopping it?

This is not a direct way, but you can check whether ***_api_plugin is activated by calling /v1/node/get_supported_apis. Run the next command in command line (in the case of local testnet). You should ...
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Installing and running an EOS mainnet node

It looks like you ran out of disk space, the chain is getting large! If you just want to test getting a node up and running, you could restore from a snapshot rather than using a blocks backup. With ...
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Lightweight node: Can I prune the chain on my node?

I would look into EOS Rio's Hyperion Solution for producing a light full history node. This could help achieve your goal of reducing the node's storage requirements as well as decreasing the syncing ...
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I have an error when deploying bios contract

The built-in keypair of eosio is set as follows. You can also solve this problem by importing this key. 5KQwrPbwdL6PhXujxW37FSSQZ1JiwsST4cqQzDeyXtP79zkvFD3 ...
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Table producers is not specified in the ABI {"table":"producers"}

It sounds like you are not trying to connect to the main net which is a production EOSIO network with 21 block producers with BP's like EOS New York, Canada, etc. If you're trying to run a single ...
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