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4 votes

What is the purpose for each of the eosio.* system accounts?

Bios sequence tutorial (Deprecated Wiki) explain these well - eosio.token, eosio.msig. The remaining accounts are described below. all RAM trading fees sent from user to eosio.ramfee all proceeds ...
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2 votes

Initialization of system account within unit tests

Found the answer. It is genesis block initialization (mostly by eosio.bios.wast).
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1 vote

Error: Provided keys, permissions, and delays do not satisfy declared authorizations

This error message means you do not have the correct permissions to run the command as the account eosio. You need to make sure that the private key for the eosio account is in your wallet. You can do ...
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1 vote

Issue registering proxy in a new EOS enviroment

I solve it myself. The issue was with the order of setting up the system contracts. The eosio.bios contract must be set before the eosio.system contract. Then everything worked
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1 vote

Who can use EOS tokens belonging to eos.ramfee?

These are locked and are waiting on a community decision on how to use them. Ram fees plus name auction fees will probably be added to the Resource Exchange (REX) pool. This will be paid to accounts ...
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1 vote

What is the purpose for each of the eosio.* system accounts?

This article goes into detail. Here are some that I found: The eosio.token contract. This contract enables you to create, issue, ...
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