Eevee Trainer

MSE's resident Pokémon nerd, graduate student in mathematics.

Aside from stuff pertaining to MSE, I'm also a regular contributor to GameFAQs (profile), and run a Pokémon-themed community Discord server with over 6,000 members (invite). I also occasionally can be seen poking around other Stack Exchange sites (math is my specialty though), VGMaps, Pokémon Showdown, and spend a large time watching YouTube videos in a variety of STEM subjects or video games.

My education in mathematics thus far is mostly undergraduate-level stuff: I graduated in the spring of 2019, and am looking to pursue graduate school in the future. I also dabble in self-study and have my paws in a lot of STEM-related YouTube channels, so all told, while I have a long way to go in terms of mastering mathematics on a deep level, I certainly feel I have a fair breadth of knowledge ... and probably more interests in various fields of math than I'll be able to deeply pursue in my lifetime.

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